The teacher portfolio functions as a way to accumulate all necessary documents relevant to the teacher’s background, teaching career, allocated modules, conferences, publications history, documentary evidence and certificates and extra non-academic activities. To evaluate the teacher portfolio a committee is assigned for this purpose and it comprises of the dean of faculty, head of department, faculty TQA officer and a senior assistant/ full professor from inside or outside the department.

The evaluation of the contents of the teacher portfolio is conducted at the end of the academic year according to a form that measures, through the documents available in the package file, teacher’s commitments, active participation in academic events, academic achievements, quality of publications, membership in scientific committees, and the like. The outcomes of the evaluation help in the process of distinguishing well-performed teaching staff and rewarding them through renewing their contracts. In contrast, and in case of teachers with poor scores, the University may choose not to keep them and terminate their contracts. Meanwhile, poor scores would be an opportunity for the teacher to diagnose gaps and areas of weaknesses and work towards improving them.

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