• To monitor execution of the University mission and strategic plan;
  • To uphold the core values of the University and contribute to its vision and mission;
  • To deliver guidance in implementation of quality assurance procedures and requirements;
  • To safeguard the quality of teaching-learning process;
  • To boost faculty research productivity and quality;
  • To support professional development of academic staff;
  • To ensure update to all designed academic programs;
  • To organize internal and external auditing of programs and the University as a whole;
  • To support the development of instructional technology;
  • To ensure continuous development and excellence in academic performance.


Expected Outcomes

 Post successful implementation of the QA practices and procedures, the following outcomes are anticipated:

  • More robust and transparent quality education system.
  • Highly advanced and enhanced academic staff.
  • Better quality teaching practices and strategies.
  • More effective learning outcomes and performance.
  • Better research quality and productivity.
  • More competent position among the regional and international higher education institutions.

QA wordcloud