Tishk International University pays great attention to students’ views and evaluative opinions as to the sufficiency and appropriateness of the programs offered, the teachers’ teaching practice and their learning experience. An effective tool applied at Tishk International University to obtain students feedback and evaluation is the standard feedback questionnaire. The student feedback questionnaire seeks students’ opinions mainly on the courses taught and teachers’ teaching strategies and techniques. Being central to the Quality Assurance system at the University, the results of the questionnaire are utilized in enhancing and promoting the delivered quality of courses contents, and teaching and learning processes at Tishk International .

At Tishk International University the student feedback is online based and obtained through the Student Information System (SIS) which manages out students data, including students’ records, courses, grades, etc. via https://my.tiu.edu.iq/

The students’ feedback questionnaire includes the following questions:

  1. The course was effective and helped me to improve my capacity and skills in the field.
  2. The student was provided with a list of different references besides the main references
  3. In this module the student was given the chance to do a seminar, report and research.
  4. In general the teacher was successful in teaching the module.
  5. The lecture was starting and concluding on time and no time was wasted.
  6. During lecture the lecturer was acting respectfully.
  7. Necessary tools for explanatory purposes are used such as (data show, audio, video, white board, etc.).
  8. Sufficient time was given by the lecturer for questions and answers.
  9. The exam questions were reflecting the module’s contents.
  10. At the start of the year the lecturer has explained the content and subjects (Syllabus).
  11. The lecturer used class website for the module and the lecturer uploaded the course book/syllables and module notes onto the class website which are comprehensible and easy to download.
  12. The nature of lecture and method of teaching are interesting and motivates me to be expert in the field.feedback