Internal Quality Review

Internal Quality Review is one of the most important parts of Tishk International University’s academic quality assurance processes and strategy.

Purposes of Internal Quality Review

Internal Quality Review is a developmental process which provides an opportunity for departments to review and, in partnership with the review team, identify opportunities for enhancing their existing quality assurance structures and systems.

Essential Principles of Internal Quality Review

  • A comprehensive inspection; Internal Quality Review includes an important quality monitoring aspect. It also serves as a genuine aid to academic units in enhancing the quality of their provision.
  • Assess Internal Quality activities and evaluate whether their structures and responsibilities are best suited to serve the University.
  • Evaluate the professional proficiency of the Internal Quality activity’s staff and appraise the development and assignment of staff in order to achieve the department’s mission/goals.
  • Evaluate the annual audit plan and determine how the Internal Auditing activity monitors plan accomplishments and how it adds value to the University.
  • Internal Quality Review needs to be conducted in a consistent and systematic fashion. An important way of promoting consistency and departmental confidence in the review process and enabling comparability is by (i) briefing reviewers and secretaries to review teams and (ii) advance briefing of representatives of academic units being reviewed.
  • A full report of clear judgments and findings.
  • Recommendations for continued improvement.
  • An Inspection Readiness Plan that ensures your faculty is on alert for short notice inspections.