Tishk International University, and as part of its Quality Assurance procedures, strives to excel in many research areas. Currently, Tishk International University has three scientific journals. These are:

European Journal of General Dentistry http://www.ejgd.org/
International Journal of Social Sciences and Educational Studies https://ijsses.tiu.edu.iq/
Eurasian Journal of Science and Engineering https://eajse.tiu.edu.iq/

At Tishk International , Quality Assurance in research is primarily concerned with the quality of research, and research practices and procedures. The quality of research covers the research papers published in the journals listed above as well as those published elsewhere with Tishk International University being the affiliation institution. All academicians at the University are commended to undertake research in conformity with the best standards of research practices.
For helpful research tools, please visit http://www.tiu.edu.iq/scientific-researcher-tools-2/