CAD is the programme whereby faculty members are encouraged to continue knowledge upgrading and building and seek improvement in their subjects and fields of academic specialty. These can be achieved with teachers’ participation in a variety of scientific activities, such as seminars, workshops, training courses and conferences (presenting or attending), educational publications, reviewing articles, postgraduate supervision and evaluation, etc.

All teaching staff are required to satisfy a specific number of activity points (includes active and passive activities) in a single academic year based on their academic titles. For example, at Tishk International University, a professor should accumulate not less than 80 points per year, an assistant professor 70 points, a lecturer 55 and an assistant lecturer 50. Failure to meet the points required reflects badly on the teacher’s academic development and career, actions to which are required by the scientific committees per department and faculty.

For a full guideline and details of the CAD criteria and points, please click HERE