At Tishk International University all teaching staff, full-time and part-time, are required to prepare course syllabus and upload it into Tishk International Personal Information System (PIS) for students use. The course syllabus is made available to students through their PIS accounts by the first day of the semester. When an Tishk International instructor is assigned a course, it will be added to his/her PIS account prior to the start of the semester, and as such s/he is required to fill out the assigned course syllabus form.

The course syllabus is meant to communicate course information, planning and a set of ground rules. It principally includes information on course objectives, course overview, course content and topics, learning outcomes, course’s contribution to program outcomes, list of primary and secondary references, methods of teaching employed and course evaluation methods and criteria. In addition, it includes a short biography of the instructor, contact details and office hours. The quality, efficiency and validation of the course syllabus content are evaluated by the head of department and the department scientific committee.
Download the syllabus as PDF file HERE

Pbs syllabus-4